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Reading up a bit on BMS systems, it seems that they may calibrate themselves when the vehicle is left for 8 hours or more undisturbed, not sure if this applies to the Evoque but it's very likely a similar system as this is from Ford and the early Evoques have Ford Engines.

Also if you charge the battery, you shouldn't do it directly across the terminals, you should always use the ground point mentioned in the manual, this allows the BMS to detect the charging, you can connect to the positive battery Terminal though.

This also applies if you jump start Another car, link your jump cable to the ground point not the negative battery terminal.
Is this a suitable ground point - the bolt under the bar? What is this bolt for - is it safe to remove it and attach an (M10 OR M8 ??) eyelet connector to it as per the image?

Also is there a similar option to register a battery replacement on the Evoque (the video is for a range rover):

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