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CAR magazine this week - "Evoque is over priced and under powered!
Autocar - "£40k for an Evoque is a great deal of money to spend on a car no bigger and no more powerful than a Ford Focus at half it's price" "It's hard to feel totally comfortable about about the nagging suspicion that Range Rover is asking so much money for the Evoque simply because people are prepared to pay it"

Autocar - "Evoque's touring economy of 35.8 mpg is poor for a 2.2 litre diesel" "Most Evoque buyers will be a mite surprised by how moderately their £45k Evoque performs compared to the car they had before it" " Power and performance is on the modest side"

Autocar - "The Audi A5 (compared to the Evoque) is simply the more capable car and is the one we'd choose"

What Car - "Cabin looks great but reliability is a concern" "Wind noise intrudes at motorway speeds" "Difficult to get in and out of the back of the 3 door and you don't get much of a view out either" "Performance is sluggish"

Take off the rose coloured spectacles guys, the Evoque is not perfect, far from it!

In summary, having driven all models, I think it looks great but is under powered by 50 bhp and over priced by £10k!

Put it this way, a fully specced Dynamic or Prestige is over £46,000, for £50k you can get a Porsche Cayenne Diesel or Range Rover's own 3.0 Diesel Range Rover Sport Stormer limited edition!

Or to put it another, you can get a 163 bhp, 4 wheel drive Ford Kuga Titanium "Individual Ltd Edition" with everything on it for £25,000! In black with privacy glass, full leather etc, it looks nearly as stylish as the Evoque! That leaves £15,000 for an MX5 convertible for the summer!

Still as sold on that Evoque???


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