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Did you know that getting GAP insurance FREE of charge from your Motor Dealer might actually cost you money?
We regularly come across people who have had their supplying dealer
offer to throw in GAP insurance free of charge (or heavily discounted)
to clinch the deal. In fact we often see posts on forums such as this,
by users recommending that one should try to negotiate with the dealer
to get them to include GAP insurance within the deal - often motivated
by an only too common misconception that the dealer's policy will
somehow be superior to a policy you can get from a specialist provider
such as ourselves (it almost certainly won't be).

What most people don't realise, is that discounted or free GAP
insurance from a Motor Dealer will in many cases, actually cost you
should you ever need to claim on the policy.
We've prepared a blog article discussing this... it's lengthy, but well
worth the read. Especially considering that one customer (detailed
within the article) was charged £824 for "free" GAP insurance and after
we got involved has ended up with superior, longer, GAP insurance cover and £426 back in HER pocket (it'd have been more if she'd contacted us sooner)!

Read the blog article here
What's your experience? Did you get (or have you been offered) FREE
(or discounted) GAP insurance from your Motor Dealer? Could you be
affected by the same?

If you're contemplating GAP insurance for your next car purchase, or for a car you've bought within the last 12 months, see www.gapinsurance.co.uk or contact us on either [email protected] or 01943 850999 for more details.
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