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I have an TD4 manual. It has 1500km.

Yesterday we got about 10 cm of snow.

It was -9 Celsius and of course I went for a little snow test with Evoque.

I chosen the Grass - Gravel - Snow terrain responce. First I left the DSC on. Here is a pic of the setup.

<a href="http://babyrr.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=1432" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">picture1</a>

I went on the road and all was okay. Then I went on a big parking space where

there is a combination of asphalt and some gravel areas. I put DSC off and the fun began.

It is not so easy to slide it without manual handbrake.

But you can do it with the clutch and gas combination. Otherwise I have to say the car handles

very very good. I also have very good winter tyres and I have to say I was impressed with handling in snow.

It was very hard to bring the car to drift and the parking wasnt really that big...so I had to watch not to hit the fence

Here is the problem.

After a coulple of drift circles on the parking I noticed a very loud
whistling sound somewhere on the outside of the car. I also noticed a
smell similar to burning rubber. It was not a strong smell but I could
sence a little smell like that. I am not exactly sure from where it came
from but I think its more from the front.

A colleague of mine noticed the sound also from standing far away and he suggested that maybe it is differential.

I though it was turbine. Is this normal? Otherwise the car goes normal.

When my friend mentioned the diferential i got a little scared the next day.

Why? I noticed that in Grass - Gravel - Snow terrain responce if you
turn the steering wheel left or right fully a graphich is dispayed on
lcd showing front wheels turned. Then I remembered I heared that
whistling sound the previous day when I turn my steering wheel fully to
the left or right.

<a href="http://babyrr.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=1431" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">picture2</a>

Is there a connection with "Snow" terrain responce and the whistling sound when steering fully?

I tried the same thing today on a cold engine and there was no whistling sound.

Is it something else? Should I be worried? Was it maybe overheating? The car was doing up to 5.000 rpm

at some moments to bring it to drift. It's pretty much for a diesel I know.

Day after the crazy drive the car goes normal.

And one more question? What does "Grass - Gravel - Snow" mode really do. I mean technicaly?

If you ask my wife she will tell you:"It's for driving in snow" But I
mean does it lock differentials or something like that? When drifting I
put DSC off but did I make a mistake not living the car in "normal"

Anyone has any suggestion ?


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Whistling sound is probably the power steering, if you hold it fully left or right it is still trying to turn against its end stops. The burning smell could be the clutch, especially if you have abused it !

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This has been hilarious to read evoquetd4 you are crazy, I would never do that with my evoque graham I like it (if you have adjusted it) like it

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If the car can't take 3 circles of 100m diameter of drifting in snow then I sell it the next day...

It is not abusing the car...

I released the clutch a bit faster with rpm at 2000 and then push the
pedal in 2nd gear to about 4500 rpm and I did this 3 times for all
together about 30 secs...

I currently have a Discovery 3, BMW 535d and Ford S-Max...I have done
far worse things with this 3 cars and had no problems at all. Why ?
Becuase I want to test my car to know how it handels in different
situations and how I can react if a problem occurs. I know how to drive a
car and I know what things damage the car and what don't. I bought this
car with my own hard earned money so believe I am the last person to
put any "abuse" on the car.

As said I did this once to my RR for all together about 30 seconds...the
only thing that is "abusing" in this case was a slight faster release
of the clutch at the higher rpm. But since the car was already moving in
the second gear there is no way I did some "abuse" to the car. And
furthermore there is no other way to put the car to drift since there is
an electric handbrake...The only mistake I could maybe done is that i
had my car in Grass Gravel Snow mode...I think it would bebetter to
leave it in normal mode...

So before you people talk about "abuse" you have to be aware that this
car isn't a car made of paper but it is a RR and costs a few pounds...If
it can take my abuse then I'm gonna change it in near future...btw car
is still going ok ;)

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We don't mean anything by it, it's just not what I would do, well done for going the distance with the car it's all good ma man chill
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