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Picked up the new baby today and even after my idiot bank messed up allowing me to pay for it, nothing can saturate that new car feeling.

First impressions are that the car is even better than I expected. Ride is superb for the car's class - certainly the best LandRover I've ever driven. Good as a Porsche Cayenne I'd say and I hold that car's drive ability in very high regard (the Evoque's a little more agile too, thanks to its size and weight). All the tech is top-notch and both exterior and interior are exquisite. Satnav could look a little more modern but it works well and the dual-screen has surprised me by working perfectly.

I'm obviously taking it easy as it's a new engine but it's clearly got a decent amount of grunt - certainly more than my old runabout Freelander TD4! Not quite as practical perhaps but when it looks this good, the sacrifice is a worthwhile one ;)

I didn't much driving time today thanks to the bank's error but I intend to 'test' it a little more tomorrow...
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