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Greetings all

Got plenty to say on my new Evoque. Just a few edited highlights here;

Ordered 5 Door Dynamic Lux 2.2 SD4 - Fuji White from Guy Salmon - Knutsford in Feb 2011. Ended up pulling my deposit in December after too many delays and going with Tom Hartley Motors in Swadlincote. Settled on a 3 Door Dynamic SD4 Auto in White. It has the illuminated door sills, aluminium pedals, gloss black inserts and premium mats for a top class finish.

I've got to say if you can't wait it's worth trying Tom Hartley. They're supercar specialists but do a lot of Land Rover business. I couldn't quite stretch to the Veyron SuperSport though.

The only thing I can fault my Evoque on is the economy. 35.8 mpg is what Land Rover quote for urban cycle I'm getting 21! and that's feathering the throttle. Even with cruise engaged on dual carriageways at 60 I'm lucky to get into late thirties to 40mpg.

I'm thinking of having the engine remapped but after making enquries it looks like the dealers can't do this. Does anybody know any specialist companies who are offering any remap packages on the Evoque?
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