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Looking through many articles in these threads here on this forum, there are two common denominators which appear to be absolute Prime where good MPG is a priority.

1. The use of a light or heavy right foot.

2. Speed also being a critical parameter.

3. Vehicle manufacturers to-day are going to great lengths to further improve MPG, eg lightness of materials and s/s technology etc.

Again looking at the many contributions here I would think to express as a % of how to achieve the best, or worst MPG could be summarised as follows.

1. 50%............... Right Foot

2. 45%................Speed

3. 5%...................Best Manufacturer's Effort

I guess some of you might agree while others would take me to task on these figures, but assuming that I'm not too far out. One begs this question.

No matter now much concentration and sheer effort the manufacturers make, and at what cost, is it all worth it to target their supreme brilliance to this meagre 5% figure....????

After all road tax and CO2 emission might also be a thing of the past here in the UK. Many fuel guzzlers of £460.00 are now getting down to £140.00. Great effort, but still in category 3. This should not be confused with the drivers input to MPG. Although may have the ability to increment the 5% figure.

1 and 2 Have been around since the advent of the motor car, so what's new to-day to change things....????
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