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Received this message via my dealer this morning. Especially like the line "I also want to assure you that vehicles are being built in line with date of order."

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Rover Evoque Delivery Delays

I want to apologise to all those
who have been affected by the delayed availability of Range Rover Evoque and to explain the reason why a proportion of Range Rover Evoque
orders have been delayed beyond their originally quoted delivery dates.

The production of all new models
goes through a period of build ramp up.
Initially, build volumes are low and then progress through a period of
ramp up as confidence in the process grows. Simultaneously, the various component parts and the finished
vehicles are constantly reviewed to ensure that increasing build volumes are
not affecting the manufacturing facilities ability to produce quality vehicles.

Volume production of the new Range
Rover Evoque commenced in August and, while production volumes week on week
have been increasing, they have not met the ramp up plan that had been in place.

We are determined to maintain a
production process focussed on delivering the highest levels of build quality. Increasing the production line speed could
deliver vehicles in greater volumes but at a cost and that cost would be a
decrease in vehicle quality.

I want to assure you that we are
working to remedy the situation; however, we do recognise that there is no
overnight solution. I also want to
assure you that vehicles are being built in line with date of order.

I am conscious that delays in
delivery impact in different ways.
Some customers may experience a minor inconvenience, while for others
delays can cause major disruption.
To address the situation Land Rover has taken action in conjunction with
its dealer network to seek to minimise the impact for each individual and your dealership
will seek to understand your needs and tailor a response.

Again, I apologise that this situation
has arisen. Land Rover is
extremely proud of its new product and wants as many customers as possible to
be enjoying the experience of driving their Range Rover Evoque at the earliest

Every effort continues to address
the situation.

Colin Green

Managing Director ""“ Land Rover UK

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Delays are understandable.

The communication has been disappointing.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Earlier this year I ordered a BMW X3and an Evoque (3dr)and by coincidence both were due at the same time.

The X3, also a new production car, arrived two days before it was due and the part exchange and car hand over was handled very efficiently.

I understand that the original Evoque production was of a range of pre defined specifications which enables the production process ramp up but I would have assumed that a increase in production would have been planned before giving out any build slots for personal configurations?

At the point when I confirmed the specification, I was given a build slot of October; expecting deliver end of October or early November. I am now told end of December.

My overriding emotion is of disappointment and whilst I realise JLR don't see the X3 as competition (even though spec'd up they are within two thousand pounds of each other; the Evoque being the more expensive) the communication and service from BMW has been accurate and professional.

Being based in the North West I frequently drive the Speke Boulevard and the M56/M6. It is a totally non scientific measure but there are less Evoques in the JLR ""˜car park' and less transporters on the motorway; maybe this peaked for the launch or maybe production has slowed because of initial challenges?

I am planning a facebook record of the ownership; road test are fine but to own and more importantly pay my ""˜hard earned' gives a far better measure of how good a vehicle is.

The Evoque looks great but I would rather see it in my drive rather than on back of a transporter""¦""¦

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It is frankly, baloney. He talks about line speed - in effect, the time allocated to each operation - but all the anecdotal evidence is that it's a shortage of parts which is causing the problems.

Aside from minor trim and easily added last-fitted parts, if the parts needed for a car are not available or are not going to become available while the car is being built, the build cannot be started.

If there are no petrol engines available today, you can hardly start building Si4 cars. if there's a problem with 5-door doors, you can hardly start building 5-door cars.

He presents the issue as one of simply not being able to turn up the wick far enough to get the volume. I don't believe him, sorry.

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JLR are now offering £150 as a sweeter for those who have been told there care has been delayed! when i say offered i mean you gotta ask because my dealer offered me nothing until i asked them!!

Also if you are delayed and you lose money on your part ex car they will do somme sort of deal there too!!

so again ask, or you'll get bugger all.

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