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I know I posted about the developments of a 300bhp Evoque here:http://www.evoqueownersclub.co.uk/forum/300bhp-evoque_topic400_page1.htmlbut I've just read something else that suggests Land Rover are preparing to launch a performance sub brand.

Land Rover is considering introducing a new range of performance models. Global Brand Director John Edwards told Inside Line that, "there's definitely room for performance products," within the Land Rover portfolio and that the company was, "certainly considering" the possibility of a sporting sub-brand.

Company insiders admit the Evoque chassis can comfortably handle more power, and we'd expect to see an output of around 300 horsepower. Edwards refused to confirm or deny the existence of such a car. "We're very early in the lifecycle of the Evoque and there's a whole list of opportunities we can look at," he said. "It's a capable car as well as being pretty. We need to demonstrate that; we need to show its muscle."

Its thought something similar to the Jag R brand would be used.

But... he also had this to say;

The growth of the Chinese market will play a key role in this decision. China is expected to become Land Rover's biggest market in the next few years. "We need to think about the extension to the Evoque that will work best in China," said Edwards. "We might go for more luxury."
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