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Afzal Khan has been at it again. Renowned for creating exclusive designs for a whole host of luxury cars, the rich and famous are drawn to his wheels and body kits like nectar.

Now, he's turned his hand to the new Range Rover Evoque, offering "newcomers" to the product a whole new dimension.

So, what's been done? Well, the Kahn Evoque will come on 35mm lowered suspension, with yellow calipers, aluminium pedals, and your choice of body-coloured detailing bits.

This all sounds fairly passive, but inside Kahn has promised that customers can have whatever they so desire, from changing the colour of the clock, to matching the seats to the colour of your favourite T-shirt.

Optional RS600 wheels can finish off the custom builds, and are available up to a 22-inch size.

The thinking behind the project is to create a vehicle that "will be unique but refined enough to both complement and enhance each and every vehicle," says Kahn.

There is no nod to a price but, going by other models available on the designer's website, expect to pay around the same as a brand new BMW 1 series on top of the base car.
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