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In 2020, our customers saved an average of £237 buying GAP insurance from us instead of from their motor dealer. One customer saved a staggering £1,663!

59% of all claims were due to accidents, whilst 35% were due to the vehicle having been stolen.

Is GAP insurance worthwhile? At an average cost of just £180 for 3 years’ cover, and an average payout of £10,755 on top of what they received from their motor insurer, we think our policyholders who claimed in 2020 would say it was!

GAPinsurance.co.uk's 2020 in numbers

If you're considering GAP insurance for a car you recently acquired or a new one you're getting soon, please see GAPinsurance.co.uk/landrover or call us on 01484 490095

10% Discount code: EOC10
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