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iPhone operation in Range Rover Evoque
This bulletin is issued to highlight an operational issue on vehicles with the Gen 2.1 audio system, which can be experienced when playing audio from an iPhone. The issue occurs when the Phone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth at the same time as being used as an iPod via the hard-wire cable.
In particular the issue arises when the phone is connected with the cable before a Bluetooth connection is made.
This is due to the functionality within the iPhone which prioritises the last connection made. The effect is the sound is lost on the cable connection when Bluetooth connects, although the display will still show the track as playing.
If this happens, switching to Bluetooth as an audio source on the audio touch screen will enable the sound from the iPhone's iPod to be heard.
If touch screen control of the audio is required, the cable should be disconnected and reconnected, which will mean this is the last connection made and the iPhone will revert to playing the audio through the hard-wire connection.
It is good practice to plug the iPod in after the car has been started and the phone's Bluetooth connection has been made.
Please be aware, Phones with IOS 5 software will revert to the Bluetooth channel even after the process described above has been followed. The customer will need to either listen to the iPod via the Bluetooth connection or disconnect the phone from Bluetooth via the Bluetooth Media Player Menu, as the phone auto connects the customer would need to do this every cycle.
This situation is under investigation.
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