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We paid our money ages ago for our place on the production line, hopefully for an October or Novemberdelivery and we've told them roughly what we are after:

4WD Pure Evoque


Ipenema Sand

Gone for the 'value' end of scale (£33k) Presumably we'll get to tell them exactly what we are after soon, which will simply be thetech packand the style pack (well if we can figure out a way of getting the 20" alloys, if not then I'm not sure what I'll do).

Not sure about interior either, the almond and theebony both look fantastic? Interesting to see the changes to paint colours on the website,the main reason for changes is apparently the quake in Japan, the dealer told us some colours wouldnt be available for ages.

And we got our tickets for the show on Saturday in Manchester, I'll see if I can get some video/photos - of the cars that is, not the 'interactive theatrical show introducing the Evoque concept through the medium of modern dance andshoes'..... I would have preferred something with a muddy field.

See you Saturday
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