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I'm hoping you veterans of this forum can help. Sorry to bore you I'm going to give you a breakdown.

October 2018. I get gearbox and stability fault codes and feels like a wheel is locking when driving. Take it to landrover they tell me the wire for the haldex has snapped and replaced it. Cured the faults.

December 2018. Goes in to restricted performance mode over 3000rpm took to land rover said just a fuel filter. Changed that problem fixed.

January 2019. (This killed me) driving the car and all of a sudden when driving under 2000 revs the wheel is locking (feels like jerking) this includes driving in a straight line or turning.

I've given up with land rover at this point so I take it to the mechanic who said needs a new Rear Diff.

So I call up a specialist rear diff refurbishing company who tell me. Definitely not the rear diff. As there is no whirring noise or humming noise when driving so the bearings have not gone.

Then I call up a specialist haldex recon company who say yeah it sounds like the haldex may just need a service or wires changed.

Can someone please share there wisdom as this is getting very expensive and I don't want to take the haldex off and get it serviced as including labour this is about 1000. Then put it back and find it doesn't fix it then replace the rear diff which is about 2000.

No idea what to do and who is telling me the truth. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Back ground on the car

2012 range rover evoque
2.2 diesel manual sd4

The worst part as a Xmas present I paid out 2000 to have the car completely details and custom painted 馃槥


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I can't really help with the Haldex/Diff troubleshooting - you might need to find an independent LR garage with a decent reputation to help with that.

...But in the meantime it would be good to see some photos of your 拢2k detail! :eek:

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You need to have a chat with Austen at Bell Engineering (near to Bewdley in the south west midlands). Sorted ours with a NEW Haldex pump and service for 拢420 (inc. VAT). Dealer wanted 拢1,100 and would not guarantee work without a diagnostic (another 拢100+ plus bill).

He's a really nice bloke and if you call him and tell him the details (and the mileage, etc.,), he'll know what needs doing.

He ONLY works on Freelanders and Evoques, so knows them inside-out.


The problem with dealers (i.e. their service "techs") is that they either don't understand basic engineering principles, or maybe more likely they don't give a **** and just like to empty your wallet?

I was reading on another forum of someone who had a problem with the soft-top rear-window being damaged on an Audi convertible - The dealer offered to do a "diagnostic" on it........... WTF!

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+1 for the above. You can drive up there, leave it with them and go for a stroll and a pub lunch and drive it home the same day.

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Hello, Thank you for all your help. I should have mentioned I did already contact bell engineering however unfortunately he has stopped refurbing haldex units.

So. I found a land rover parts specialists and managed to find a brand new Rear Diff and brand new haldex for 2000. So I got it not happily but I though that would be the end of any problems.

This is were it gets interesting, frustrating and confusing. My mechanic recieved the parts installed them and took it for a test drive. He then calls to say He has found another issue with the NSF drive shaft.

So I Google the symptoms of a bad NSF drive shaft and low and behold they symptoms match my original symptoms. "Shuddering of the car in low gear and when accelerating"

You can see where I'm going here. I truly believe that the haldex and Rear Diff were fine. And the problem was this front drive shaft. What makes it more suspicious is my mechanic said buy the part and I will fit it for free.

Still waiting to get the car back and feel like I have been. Truly screwed over in to spending 3k (including labour) unnecessarily.

Will post a picture of the detailing shortly 馃檪

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The engine problem continues

Ahhhhh this seems to be the never ending problem of my life. I've put the link to my old post below


Hopefully you can see it.

So following on from that Janauary 28th,

I had a brand new haldex unit fitted
I had a brand new Rear Diff fitted
And now a brand new prop shaft.

Surely that's all the possible faults.

1 month later I'm back to square one. Engine jolting in low gears below 3,000 rpm.

Please please can some shred some light this has stripped me of my savings in the last 3 month's and I can't get rid as it's on finance and I spent a fortune having aesthetics done on it.

I've read online it could be ignition coils, bad battery but it seems wierd that

The first time land rover said shaped haldex cable they replaced this then 8 weeks later it's back again, replace haldex, rear diff and a drive shaft and 5 weeks later it's back again.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, my cars in garage in lr garage in glasgow at just now, the same fault - juddering when pulling away slowly/ turning,
fault with a sticking valve stopping oil flowing through haldex pump diagnosed
parts ordered & repaired tomorrow/ friday hopefully
although i'm LOVING the airsprung sdv6 disco replacement & getting about 30 mpg in it too !

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Has anyone ever pointed to you a possibility of the Traction Control fault or an ABS fault ? Looks like what is happaning in your car is a breaking of some wheel severily , while driving at low speed, when this TC normally operates.
TC is the system to block a wheel that has no traction in order to send torque to the other side of the axle - in an open differential systems.
At yours it might be some sensor of this system faulty, causing it to break a wheel when it definately should not.
And that sensation.
Not that I know it by experience, just guessing .
And please consult that, as I surely do not want you to endure any more unnecessary costs.

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Just had my Haldex replaced. $5000 US$. $250 to me with extended warranty. Of course, it's completely within the realm of "oh, yeah". that your garage did the correct work, badly. Take it back?

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I just wondered if you got this sorted?
I鈥檓 having similar problems.

I鈥檝e owned the car 45 days but only had it in my possession for 6 days... it is still in the dealer / JLR & now a gearbox specialist...

Worried I could be opening myself up to a can of worms!

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If it was me I鈥檇 say you want to return it ... I did with my first one , as I鈥檇 paid cash they were not to keen but stood my ground they ended up offering me a better spec car and said yes if they put side steps on bit of a fight though

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Hi Rob,

What year/model do you have???
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