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Why it won...

Few new cars arrive under the glare of attention that has shone on the Evoque. Quite what possessed off-road legend Range Rover to design an SUV targeting both coupés and 4x4s is hard to fathom ""“ but we're glad it has And judging by the firm's bulging order book, we're not alone.

It would be easy to have made the baby model purely as a styling exercise, yet there's more to the Evoque than its conversation-stopping looks. Take a turn behind the wheel and the newcomer backs up its sporty appearance with a genuinely enjoyable driving experience.

It's user-friendly, too. Admittedly, the three-door Coupé won't win any prizes for versatility, but the five-door has all the space of a small hatch. This means family buyers won't have to make many compromises if they want one of the most desirable new cars of the year on their driveway.

Technological highlights include the firm's Terrain Response system, while the two-wheel-drive eD4 version adds stop-start to help cut CO2 emissions to 133g/km in five-door trim. And then there's the price, as the Evoque puts the hugely desirable Range Rover brand within reach of compact executive car buyers for the very first time. The fact that it looks and drives the way it does only serves to underline its premium appeal.

Our pick: We think the 4WD 2.2 TD4 (150) five-door will make the most sense to compact SUV customers. With only one petrol option, the Evoque was always going to appeal more as a diesel, but deciding which model is tricky. The entry-level eD4 will draw business buyers ""“ although its low 133g/km CO2 output is achievable only with two-wheel drive

Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/new_car_awards/270298/range_rover_evoque.html
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