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I got my evoque 3 weeks ago and its a 2.2 TD4 version. On the test drive
in December 2011 I tried the SD4 and I was impressed with the sound car
gave me when I put the pedal to the metal
However I decided to take the TD4 because I knew it is the same engine
and probably I will be able to unlock it to 190Hp which comes to the SD4

I was reading forums here and couldn't believe that in Ireland you can
pay only 1.000,00 pounds extra from TD4 to SD4 version. Here in Slovenia
(also EU country for the ones that don't know
you have to pay 3.300,00 pounds or 4.000,00‚¬ extra to go from pure TD4
to SD4. So that is why it was not rational to me to spend all that extra
money for the the same engine which I can unlock for maximum 500,00‚¬.

I got my Evouque 3 weeks ago and at first I thought it was just some
electronic block to not get that full "tiger" sound. Now I have 1500 km
and I'm using higher rpm then on the begining. Finaly I found out on
this forum that TD4 has single exhaust and SD4 the cool looking and
sounding twin exhaust.

I'm a little angry at the LR salesman which didn't warn me that the SD4 has the twin exhaust.

Yesterday I took a look at my exhaust system on my evouque. You have to
excuse me for my bad English in mechanic expressions because it is not
my native language but I'm gonna try my best.

I also attached pics to make things a little more understanding. Its snowing here so thats why the car isn't perfectly clean. I think it is possible to make a twin exhaust on TD4 without too much hustle but here is where I would need some help from people who know this things.

On the bottom-middle of the car there is a "exhaust pot". We call it
like this in my country don't know whats the correct english expression.

By the way, my car has the wheel on the left not like in Britain. From
this "pot" exhaust pipe goes to the left and come out of the left


Here is what I was thinking...can I order the same plastic with the
whole on the right side from SD4 and the exhaust pipe on the right side
from SD4 and put it on my TD4. They could just weld the exhaust pipe to
the "exhaust pot" even if it would not really work. I think this
probably could be done.


real question is: "Can you simply cut a hole on the right side of
"exhaust pot" and weld the right exhaust pipe on, so that it would be
fully funtional?". With this I mean getting that sound
which I want and getting the full working option. I'm attaching the pics
to see how my car chassis exhaust system looks on TD4.

Can someone please send me some pics of SD4 rear chasis to see how their
exhaust system looks so I know if i have the basic chance of doing what
I wanted to?

Is it possible to simply punch a whole on the "exhaust pot" and weld the
exhaust pipe on or can there be troubles afterwards...I really don't
know if this "exhaust pots" are different for twin and single exhaust


I would appreciate any help and advice!


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I'm sure you can buy the piece of plastic trim for the Sd4 and fit it but I doubt that you would be able to buy just the right hand tail pipe, Ithink you will have to buy the complete silencer (pot) and tailpipe assembly for an Sd4. Then if you get a tuning chip you can go and sound like an Sd4 (and probably invalidate your warranty!)

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First, thx for the suggestion...second - woow - you really think I can invalidate my warranty with that? Thats a shocker for me? I thought its not such a big deal but some other forums and you got me thinking now..You mean it can be because of the compression and engine aso?
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