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Wonder if anyone can shed some light 馃 my range rover Evoque Bluetooth keeps cutting out . Drive for 10 mins it's gone . Have to keep reconnecting. I'm not sure if my model is too old for a software update and if this would even work ?? Any one tried a software update?

In desperation tried to connect my phone via the USB port, but it was only charging it and not giving me the option of playing music (I use Spotify) . My phone is android , I've read online that only iPhones work via USB can anyone confirm or help please. Thank you in advance

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Have you tried another phone ? It could be device specific issue. Has it stopped working recently? If so has anything changed like a software update to your phone

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Hi, I have the same year car with the HDD system, (although yours also has TV and surround sound).
The USB plug is configured for apple only according to the handbook. (see below). It works great with my iPhone XR and gives full integration to iTunes Match as well.
I have tried it using Bluetooth connection and it only gives play, pause, skip, of whatever album was selected on the phone, but the connection is completely stable, it has not dropped in 12 months of ownership.
I did have the software updated last year at an independent garage, free as part of some other work and they said it included an update for the stereo but what exactly that was I have no idea.
Hope this helps. Sorry I have no knowledge of androids...I guess you will have to connect via the aux?
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