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Just a couple of gremlins:
Passenger Electric Seat: - The height of the seat can be raised / lowered as per the drivers seat. - However the seat cushion angle cannot be changed. Does anyone know if this is correct as nothing is mentioned in the manual ? - ie the drivers seat can be adjusted for height and cushion angle but the passenger seat can be adjusted for height only.

Ambient lighting: - Im not sure if mine is operating correctly ?? - Changing the colour alters only the colour of the lights in the centre consul cubby hole and front door armrests. - All other interenal lights (window switches, instrument illumination, ambient cabin lights in headlining above the gear lever) remain ice blue whatever the colour setting. - This actually looks pretty dumb as you have part red and part blue lighting. In other cars the collour of all the lights changes. - Ismine correct ?

Wiper park. - Watch out for this one. - When the wipers are parken in their normal position the passenger side one cannot be lifted off the screen as it will hit the bodywork of the bonnet. - The solution for this is to select the winter park option on the computer which parks the wipers a couple of centimeters higher than normal. - The problem is you have to remember to do this ! - If you forget and pull into a handcar wash the attendant will almost cerrtainly damage the paint on the bonnet trying to lift the wiper.

Storing CDs - Sometimes when DCs are stored on the hard disc the system names the disc and the tracks. Sometimes it doesnt. It seems to happen about half the time. - This means you end up with 5 of your ten discs stored as just a number which makes accessing them confusing.

Any comments ??
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