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Blummin' ek! Five stars!

Evoque Prestige SD4 auto

"I'm sold Mrs Beckham, I do want your baby"
"If I had a job selling X3s or Kugas or any other high- riding semi off- road car I'd be on the lavatory whimpering. Because anyone who wants such a car and doesn't chose the Evoque is so mad, they will have had their driving licence taken away"
"I don't need one but boy do I want one"
"This morning's plain Jane diesel is an easy five star car. It may be even more than that. It may be the new 42"

Oh well, that'll do the waiting lists good!

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Wow - what other car has he given 5 stars to before?

""The Evoque is brilliant. It's one of those cars in which I had to spend hours trying to find something ""” anything ""” about which I could complain. And all I could come up with is the dip switch, which requires a bit more effort to operate than is strictly necessary.

You mark my words on this. Soon you will not be able to move for Evoques. It will overtake hydrogen to become the most prolific element in the universe""�.

Not online though unless you subscribe
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