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Yet another Newbie arriving on the site.
Just ordered my Pure SD4 with Tech Pack. My other half was hoping for the Buckingham Blue but looks like that has "faded" out for 2012 with Baltic Blue replacing that option.
Have seen the samples at the dealers only.

Anybody yet seen the Evoque in Baltic Blue in the flesh? If so please post a photo if you get a chance.
Want to appease her indoors and hoping it is not too much of a difference in daylight.

Dealer has given me 30 - 45 days to change color spec. Guess thats down to the April / May build / delivery schedule



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Welcome to the forum.

Many of us are new to Land Rover/Range Rover, such is the effect of the Evoque, we are already getting used to the various colour options and the regular changes additions & removal from the options list, some of which were necessary because of the Tsunami.

Some of us have ordered blind, i.e. Barolo, Mauritius, Colima and have made the decision based on the small colour plates provided by the dealers.

All I can say is that I have seen Buckingham Blue in the flesh as it were and it is a very dark colour and from a distance looks Black, but obviously in brighter light the Blue is evident, whereas Baltic Blue is much closer to a Navy Blue, there won't be many pictures around at the moment.
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