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Afternoon all,

I have a 2013 eD4, so it is front wheel drive. I'm starting to get the rumblings of a drivers side rear wheel bearing gone bad so I'm going to get around to changing it.

I've changed half a dozen rear wheel bearings on mine and friends Freelander 2s but they have all been 4 wheel drive. The question is, is the 2WD rear hub the same basic design as the 4WD? It is snowing here at the moment so I dont want to start taking the wheels off, but looking under the car there seems to be some sort of large blanking plug on the rear of the hub carrier. Does this blanking plug just pull out to give access to the rear of the bearing to press it out, or is there some other method of pulling the bearing out on the 2WD version? I cant imagine that it is only held in by the circlip!

Everything on the web is geared to the 4WD version and my trusty Freelander workshop manual is no help either.

Anybody able to help?

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