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  1. Detailing & Car Care
    Hi all i’ve just noticed some scratches on my 2019 Evoque wheel - the wheels are diamond cut with what appears to be a thick plastic type lacquer on top. The scratches are to the laquer coat only and don’t go through the the metal. any suggestions on how these can be touched up? Its not worth...
  2. Main Message Centre
    Hi all, I have a 65 plate Evoque 2.0 Td4 Hse with 20" 8J standard stainless wheels, but I'd like to get some black rims. Ive been offered some lovely Range Rover 20" rims which I personally think are a bit nicer. However, theyre 9.5J so the bolt pattern is different. Anyone know if this can be...
  3. Technical
    Hi there, has anyone had any issues when changing wheels to a larger size or using non JLR TPMS valves?? Previous owner fitted 20” LR wheels without any TPMS valves and TPMS light was on. I had some non JLR TPMS valves fitted which worked and light went out for about 40 miles then came back on...
  4. Modifications
    Bit the bullet and got the wheels refurbished. Very pleased with the result. Powder Coating Shropshire did the work. Amazing service.
1-4 of 4 Results