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  1. Technical
    Hi folks just had a software update done on my 2020 evoque at the main dealers now the heaters default to split climate control so the left dial is on the passenger temperature and not fan speed. I find the controls a nightmare to manage as they are, they are a hazard trying to navigate...
  2. In Control Apps
    Hello , just bought a 2017 hse dynamic , and trying to get to know the infotainment centre. I have managed an infotainment software update to 20C, but I do not have any information on the Vehicle software on the screen , so I can't check it . Any ideas ?
  3. Technical
    Hi All First time Evoque owner and we got a new Evoque (2021 model including Pivi Pro) in December. The last few days I’ve been getting a message when I turn the car off that there is a software update pending (and a notification icon on my profile avatar before switching off). I set it to...
1-3 of 3 Results