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  1. Technical
    when my Range Rover evoque is running longer than around 30 minutes it has troubles accelerating when my foot is flat to the floor and won’t change gear properly. i took the car to main dealer land Rover and they done a transmission fluid drain and flush . Problem is still there once driving it...
  2. Order Forum
    Hi... from 2-3 days I do have problem whit my evogue 2013 . When I change the gearbox from P/N/R in D I feel like a push... but car is not moving at all... just it pushing . Someone has find the same problem..?? No error in dashboard or other faulty .
  3. Order Forum
    Hi ,I hope someone can help me.. 7 days ago my Range Rover Evoque (16 plate ) got stuck in reverse wouldn’t go into park drive etc, had to get it recovered to a garage, he thinks it’s the rotary gear shifter so ordered a second hand one fitted it but didn’t work, apparently needs to be coded so...
1-3 of 3 Results