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  1. Technical
    Evening all, Im new to the page and have only joined to seek help and advice. We updated our 2017 diesel Evogue for a all singing and dancing Hybrid p300e model in March. Glorious to drive. Impressed with the fuel economy. But this last month we’ve hit a few major snags which could of led to...
  2. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi, new to this platform. my Range Rover Evoque 2020’s central locking is not working and I keep hearing noises at the back. Any advice please as I am quite frustrated at the moment
  3. Main Message Centre
    Hi, we’re loving our new evoque r dynamic and have found a pleasure to drive. Really solid and comfortable ride. Interior is fantastic and gives a good feeling of space. Plenty of power and generally really impressed with the handling. We had a great first weekend with the car, having the...
1-3 of 3 Results