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    I am interested in the P300e and was wondering when using the SAVE option, how much battery % can you recharge using braking etc. I am not sure whether there is a limit since i read somewhere it was only 10%. I currently own a BMW 330e and under save mode it can claim upto 95% on a long journey.
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    Hi I’ve just got a new plug in hydrid but I can’t get the precondition feature to work! I’ve scheduled my departure time for when I’m due to leave the house for work but every Morning nothing! Cabin isn’t warmed? I’ve googled it, I’ve read everything on this forum and I can’t find what I’m...
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    New car day for me!! After ordering back in July.. love it so far, it's a P300 SE, however I just realised that it didn't come with a charging cable for a 13a plug.. only the type2 charger, is that normal?
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    Hi. I have owned my p300e range rover evoque for just over 2 months now. It is just mental. I just love it. I have always loved the style of the evoque but they always lagged in performance considerably. This new hybrid model though seriously brings it to a whole new level. The new evoque is...
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    I am struggling to get my newly delivered P300e to charge overnight at cheap rates. I have set the departure 0030 for timed charging, and set a preferred charging time 0030 to 0430. When I leave the car, I get a message to say a scheduled charge time is set. I plug into my Pod-Point and the...
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    Hi all! I've noticed a couple of other threads along these lines but thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. New to the Range Rover brand so this will be my first. Ordered back in June and have been given a delivery date of mid-Oct. Went with the all black look. Spec: P300e R-Dynamic HSE 20"...
1-6 of 6 Results