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  1. Order Forum
    Hi all, long time reader first time post! I ordered a R-Dynamic HSE p300e at the start of November, was told expected delivery of April 22. Sadly, last week I was told that JLR had changed the spec to MY23, this meant no digital dash and no clear sight mirror! I was gutted, as my last Evoque...
  2. Order Forum
    Just wondering if you're waiting on a new order, what have you been told by your dealer and how long have you been waiting? 🤔😴 I ordered a p300e HSE r-dynamic back in February and still waiting, although I'm being told to expect it in December 🤞
  3. Order Forum
    Finally placed an order with Bolton Land Rover (they do the best deals on CarWow). Advised not add the electric deployable tow bar, as it may cause extra delays. Quoted March 2022. Fingers crossed.
1-3 of 3 Results