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  1. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Greetings. I’m planning to buy Evoque Dynamic Lux 2013-2015 Petrol Engine, but my budget isn’t there yet. Just here to ask you lads how much will it cost me and where to find good deals and nice cars?😀 Thank you
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    Hi Everyone. Just joined after finding amazing help on here from PhilSkill! Flat battery yesterday, just two days after major main dealer service. Out of Warranty so purchased a CTEK charger. Connecting it this morning…will keep you posted. I’ve had the car from new, 2017 Landmark Edition...
  3. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Recently picked up our 2020 Evoque R Dynamic HSE in Firenze Red. Absolutely love it, packed full of tech, loads of great features, super comfy and easy to drive. My other cars are a Supercharged Toyota GT86 and a Stupid Stripped out 230hp Race Prepped Toyota Starlet, so in comparison the...
  4. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi all, Just got my first Evoque towards the end of last year and loving it so far. Taken it on a few adventures and loved how capable it is
  5. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hello all My Landmark edition with some pictures (well my wife's really but I soon discovered what a magnificent car this is !). Bought from LR in October 2018 and now with 14K miles on the clock. Used daily "off road" in muddy fields and much better at it than my old FL2. Although, to be...
  6. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    After a dodgy Freelander many moons ago, I’ve picked up a new Evoque today (D200 RD HSE, Eiger Grey, Black Back, Black Contrast Roof, 21 in wheels) - really looking forward to having a proper run in after work today 😁
  7. Gallery
    My 2012 sd4 dynamic. Im 23 & upgraded from 1.2 2013 corsa after saving up for years :) The dogs enjoy the back window also!
1-7 of 7 Results