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  1. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hello, I have just replaced all interior lights with new LED bulbs everything is working like normalbesides the vanity mirror lights. Note: I blew the interior light fuse while doing so, replaced this to resolve issue) but the vanity lights are still not working. Can anyone advise if there is...
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    Hi guys ! Was wondering if anyone knew the exact type of could link me to the correct bulb that goes above the rear passenger heads next to the coat hanger holders :) 2014 SD4
  3. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi Guys the ambient light in the front door handle area on my passenger door isn’t lit (Passenger door only not lit) I was wondering if their was a separate fuse for the passenger door / door handle light or if I have a wiring issue thanks !?
1-3 of 3 Results