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  1. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hello folks, just ordered a P300e R-Dynamic S , due for delivery in August. I understand that it comes with both a type 2 charging cable and a home charging cable (3pin plug type) is this correct? Also can someone tell me what length these cables are? Ta
  2. Evoque P300e
    I took delivery of my Evoque on March first, and initially was over the moon with the car - it's without doubt a premium place to sit and I enjoy the driving experience, that being said I have had a number of issues, some seem to be ongoing and I'd like to know if it's just my car or actually...
  3. Technical
    Evening all, Im new to the page and have only joined to seek help and advice. We updated our 2017 diesel Evogue for a all singing and dancing Hybrid p300e model in March. Glorious to drive. Impressed with the fuel economy. But this last month we’ve hit a few major snags which could of led to...
  4. Main Message Centre
    Hi I’ve just got a new plug in hydrid but I can’t get the precondition feature to work! I’ve scheduled my departure time for when I’m due to leave the house for work but every Morning nothing! Cabin isn’t warmed? I’ve googled it, I’ve read everything on this forum and I can’t find what I’m...
  5. Order Forum
    New car day for me!! After ordering back in July.. love it so far, it's a P300 SE, however I just realised that it didn't come with a charging cable for a 13a plug.. only the type2 charger, is that normal?
  6. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi all! I've noticed a couple of other threads along these lines but thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. New to the Range Rover brand so this will be my first. Ordered back in June and have been given a delivery date of mid-Oct. Went with the all black look. Spec: P300e R-Dynamic HSE 20"...
1-6 of 6 Results