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  1. Technical
    Please can anyone help!! I need specs so that I can order these parts but im struggling! I need the following Bleed nipples for all 4 wheels replacement Rear calliper bolt (guided) Front Right Break pad retaining clip
  2. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi, currently on the hunt for a RR Evoque Dynamic Lux, ideally the 9 speed. does anyone know exactly when RR added the 9 speed to the evoques? Some articles say 2014 and some articles say 2013. Do the 63 Plates have the 9 speeds too? And another than driving it, is there any way of identifying...
  3. Main Message Centre
    Hey all, Just about to buy a 63 plate SD4 Prestige and wanted to ask what warranties everyone has… thinking WarrantyWise from what I’ve read but does anyone think different. I’m new to Evoques and the reputation of them not being reliable… any help appreciated!! ;)
  4. Technical
    i need to replace both CV joints on the right side of my evoque and the problem is you can't find info / videos as i replaced a lot of stuff on my evoque because it's an expensive car and i want it lasts a long time, it now has 153,000 km, that's 95069 miles and it had a small accident its not...
1-4 of 4 Results