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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Range rover evoque 2014, never had any issues till now. The gear box warning light has come on. Now the car judders when accelerating and the the auto gear box then locks. I have to the put the engine off and it will then sometimes unlock but not not always. Anyone had this issue and know...
  2. Technical
    My 2020 Evoque 2.0l 150 manual is making a clunking noise every time I change gear, can hear it in the footwell/engine bay. It seems to be when the gears are re-engaging. Took it to the dealer and the service department said it was a engine mount with too much play, mount was changed and all...
  3. Order Forum
    Hi... from 2-3 days I do have problem whit my evogue 2013 . When I change the gearbox from P/N/R in D I feel like a push... but car is not moving at all... just it pushing . Someone has find the same problem..?? No error in dashboard or other faulty .
  4. Main Message Centre
    Hi All thanks for adding me. Just interested if anyone has had any problems with jumping and/or acceleration issues with the auto gearbox? we have an 6 year old evoque with 53k on the clock and the gear box has failed. Just interested in any issues with the 2.2td that others may have had...
  5. Main Message Centre
    Hi everyone trying to find a r.r specialist in birmingham area. Been to local mechanic whos found issues with oil leak drive shaft affecting gearbox but said best to go to a specialist. Where do i find one?
  6. Main Message Centre
    So 4 days after the Haldrex was replaced for a traction fault I went out to the Evoque, started, selector pops up but refuses to turn out of the Park position. Hours later (next morning) after reading previous posts she behaved perfectly and I rapidly headed for the garage. Diagnostics complete...
1-6 of 6 Results