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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Hey guys, Done a search on DPF... Reading through a few posts (including the overseas places lawsuit against JLR)... Read about replacement expensive DPF's , etc etc.... But am left wondering, is it worth just getting shot of the car ? 2016 model, 57k miles, used daily with average motorway...
  2. Faults & Fixes
    Hi. My wife’s 2014 Evoque 2.2 D (60k miles), is intermittently throwing a P0403 error code - EGR vacuum Control solenoid. Before I book it in for a fix, can anyone point me in the direction of where I can locate this part on the engine so I can check its not just a bad electric connector...
  3. Main Message Centre
    Hi there ..... The dreaded restricted performance came up on the wife's sd4 2.2l diesel. Read the fault code which was Gas recirculation valve A low or something to that effect. Fitted a new EGR, thought all was gravy ! It sat there idling sweet as a nut..jumped in to test drive it and it...
  4. Technical
    Hello to all, I am new to this forum, first post!! :) So, I would like to apologize in advance since my first post is about asking for help based on the vast experience this forum members have 😅. So, I have a 2012 RR Evoque with an SD4 engine. I got the "Reduced Performance" warning, and after...
1-4 of 4 Results