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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Hey guys, Done a search on DPF... Reading through a few posts (including the overseas places lawsuit against JLR)... Read about replacement expensive DPF's , etc etc.... But am left wondering, is it worth just getting shot of the car ? 2016 model, 57k miles, used daily with average motorway...
  2. Technical
    Hi everyone, Just looking for a bit of advice. My 2016 HSE Evoque is currently in at the dealers and Land Rover are telling me that they will try a forced regeneration but if that doesn’t work a new DPF will probably be needed. This is frustrating as since I have had the car the amber warning...
  3. Technical
    Hi guys! Bought my first Evoque (and LR in general) about half a year ago. It's an 2016/12 132kW with approx 100K KM / 63K miles on the clock when I bought it and have now driven a few thousand miles or so. It had stayed on the lot for some time and about a month in, DPF clogged up. Got it...
  4. DPF

    Hello. New to writing on the forum but have followed since my brand new 2015 2.0d SE was delayed/quarantined before delivery. That car was replaced by a new 2020 2.0d R-Dynamic in March last year. There is another story concerning the dealer in Scotland who sent me the wrong car then a...
  5. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hello all, I’m looking to buy an Evoque (between 2011-2016). Majority of the models I like are Diesel, however most of my driving is local and inner city so finding it harder to get the spec I want on Petrol. I am worried about running into DPF issues which I know could be on any Diesel...
  6. Main Message Centre
    Afternoon all, we have a 66plate my17 evoque which we’ve leased from new. We have had dpf issues from day dot really. In May last year Land Rover admitted there was a fault a known fault with the DPF filter in my car it was then replaced under warranty. However shortly after then we noticed...
1-6 of 6 Results