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  1. Technical
    Hi all. I’ve seen threads on the door lock mechanism failures which appears all too common. I’ve just been into LR and I’ve got THREE not working - absolute disaster. I’d like to try the silicone spray trick first before committing to the cost of replacing 3 door actuators however my car...
  2. Technical
    Hi. I have the usual evoque door opening issue and have replaced the drivers door for a second time. This time it had not solved the issue. Upon closer inspection it seem that the exterior door cable is just not pulling the latch far enough. I noticed that closest to the handle that the cable...
  3. Technical
    Hi i have a 2017 Evoque which has just developed a problem with the locking mechanism. When i press the button on the key fob to unlock the car it clicks as if unlocking but stays locked. I have had to use the manual key to unlock the drivers door manually and then press the key fob to turn the...
1-3 of 3 Results