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  1. Technical
    Hi, I have a 2017 diesel Evoque...current problem is intermittent thick white smoke from exhaust accompanied by a really bad smell. Car is fully LR serviced and they keep telling me that the problme is to do with an engine recycling function. The car is owned/driven in Malta and never gets a...
  2. Main Message Centre
    Greetings all. My 2012 Evoque diesel sometimes conks out on cold start. An OBD scan is showing a fault code for the glow plug module. Does anybody know where the module is situated on the car ?
  3. Technical
    Hi All, I have a worrying diesel leak coming from somewhere close to the fuel pump. Engine side is soaking wet including bottom protection cover, harness, foam parts and starter. Smells like diesel but viscosity seems lighter and under the impression that it is mixed with water. Any similar...
  4. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hello all, I’m looking to buy an Evoque (between 2011-2016). Majority of the models I like are Diesel, however most of my driving is local and inner city so finding it harder to get the spec I want on Petrol. I am worried about running into DPF issues which I know could be on any Diesel...
1-4 of 4 Results