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  1. Order Forum
    Just wondering if you're waiting on a new order, what have you been told by your dealer and how long have you been waiting? 🤔😴 I ordered a p300e HSE r-dynamic back in February and still waiting, although I'm being told to expect it in December 🤞
  2. DPF

    Hello. New to writing on the forum but have followed since my brand new 2015 2.0d SE was delayed/quarantined before delivery. That car was replaced by a new 2020 2.0d R-Dynamic in March last year. There is another story concerning the dealer in Scotland who sent me the wrong car then a...
  3. Dealer Experiences
    Am now on my 4th LR (Freelander, Discovery Sport, 2018 Evoque HSE Dynamic and 2020 Evoque First Edition). I have used Kentdale Landrover in Kendal and Taggarts Glasgow South for the first three and had excellent service (both sales and minor warranty work done eg replaced reversing cameras...
1-3 of 3 Results