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  1. Technical
    Hi all, I was just wondering whether I would need to code a new battery to my 2011 Si4, it doesn’t have stop start therefore I’m not sure whether it still needs to be coded or not? Thanks!
  2. Main Message Centre
    Hello, I could use some help from the hive mind. I have a 2020 Evoque, 19,000 miles. Recently been having "battery issues", when I turn off the rover it comes up with low battery warning on center display and says something like shutting down in 1 minute, lift gate does not lift anymore and...
  3. Technical
    Good Morning, I’m new to the forum as we have just picked up a 2020 Evoque with front end damage that I will be putting back together. I’ve done several cars in the past but this is my first Plug in Hybrid vehicle. It’s the 1.5 turbo petrol engine with an electric motor P300e I think it’s...
  4. Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Hi all When remote locking the car alarms itself as normal but the doors don't lock. I've had a browse through the forums & there are a few owners with similar problems but not exactly the same. I've checked all doors, boot & bonnet are closed properly; I've left the car to 'reset'; I've...
  5. Technical
    Hi, I don't have a radio code and need to take the battery off, anyone know if there is a code needed for these? Thanks in advance Mark
  6. Technical
    Hi everyone, I've got a problem with a 2015 SD4 Pure Tech Automatic - two common issues but I have another question as well. It's done 21000 miles since new, so not used much. I have the common issue of the low battery "display will shut off" as soon as the ignition is off and the stop start...
  7. Technical
    So I got an evoque Saturday, when I got it they told me they have replaced the battery, not sure why. On Saturday drove it back 60 miles on a motorway and drove it around again quite a bit on Saturday. Did 20+20 or so mile drive on Sunday and came back home. I was going to have another drive...
  8. Introductions & Discussion Topics
    We replaced battery (not at Land Rover) and yes the windows needed recalibrating, found that and fixed, but got home and liftgate wont work now with remote or pushing button unless car is on. Anyone hear of that? Any way to recalibrate liftgate? Plus the replacement battery was too large to...
1-8 of 8 Results