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battery issue
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    Hi, Newbie here (admin please move if in wrong place) Sorry if this has already be covered in another thread… I have had a look about but can’t find similar fault for information. I recently purchased a 2019 evoque d180hse and Iam having nothing but problems with a mysterious battery drain...
  2. Technical
    Hi All I couldn't find a similar problem to mine hence a new post. My car has been giving me the battery warning light for a few months, so we'll take it for a long drive and then a week later the same. With lockdown and being furloughed I've not been out in the car for over a month. When I...
  3. Technical
    So I got an evoque Saturday, when I got it they told me they have replaced the battery, not sure why. On Saturday drove it back 60 miles on a motorway and drove it around again quite a bit on Saturday. Did 20+20 or so mile drive on Sunday and came back home. I was going to have another drive...
1-3 of 3 Results