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  1. Heater will not turn off

    Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    Really useful info Optimus, what car model is this related to, just in case these are different in earlier or later models. I'm guessing from the date code of the part it's an older model (13)
  2. Experience Day ?

    Main Message Centre
    I was at the Cottage in the woods for a weekend, over all those floods recently, that was fun!
  3. Stepping Into The Light

    Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Hi Col_C and Welcome (at last) Surprised you never got on with the Manual, I find mine really slick. I'm only just starting with the In Control system on my other car, so interesting about the key being specific, although haven't noticed it myself. Also haven't found my preferred setting for...
  4. Door locking issue

    Land Rover Customer Service
    You need a new locking module in the door that is not working, common fault.
  5. 6 year corrosion cover

    Main Message Centre
    Doesn't hurt to ask... I'm sure there were wheel replacements going on in the early days.
  6. Screen heater and mirror issue

    Main Message Centre
    The heated windscreen is in 2 halves, and the supply to the mirror and windscreen is controlled separately, either you have 2 totally different faults, maybe a fault taking out 2 wires, or likely a ground connection has been lost, cant see that being a fuse as half the windscreen is working...
  7. Remote

    In Control Apps
    Did you mean to leave your real name and actual VIN in Vet?
  8. What is this?

    Introductions & Discussion Topics
    Anyone got a match... šŸ¤£
  9. Evoques in Scandinavia Top of Windscreen Gap

    Owners Useful Tips & Information
    Or you could assume there are no Scandinavian members...
  10. What is this?

    Introductions & Discussion Topics
    You sure you're popping the right pills though, V is not just for Veteran...
  11. What is this?

    Introductions & Discussion Topics
    It might help if we knew what engine and generation of car you have... It does look a bit odd!
  12. JLR recalls 44000 cars over CO2 levels.

    Interesting thanks Doogi, So looks like they are adding cooling to the exhaust air being directed by the EGR, guess it was getting too hot.
  13. Rankings

    Idle Chit Chat
    I've asked this to Admin, Unfortunately there are no Status Rankings at the moment. Hopefully it will come with an update in the future.
  14. A few questions while the Prozac & coffee kick in

    Order Forum
    We have to earn our Jaaaags somehow... ;)
  15. Restricted power mode

    Main Message Centre
    Hi and welcome It could be the dpf pressure sensor or pipes, or a turbo pipe both are quite common on the earlier models, it maybe the EGR but less common or could be a failing sensor or wire, if it goes into restricted mode it should record an error message, but you may need to plug in a...
  16. DPF

    Ingenium Engine
    A diesel F-Type, don't think that's ever been sold to the public... so hard for owners to start complaining.
  17. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Don't know how many have tried, but the Dark Mode looks a lot better, use the 3 dots in top right and select Dark Mode.
  18. Bonded windscreen Leaking

    Faults & Fixes
    Good news MikeAH, hope it's all sorted now, it's beginning to look like theres a batch installation issues, from the number of issues we've seen, but JLR will never admit that! Definitely worth reporting your findings to JLR
  19. sat nav quicky

    Main Message Centre
    Should be the "6 squares" symbol and then "Cancel Guidance" as Veteran has mentioned, worked for me too.
  20. A few questions while the Prozac & coffee kick in

    Order Forum
    Hey Veteran... Reply is bottom left if you want to quote the post in your reply, otherwise just type in the box at the bottom and hit post reply. PM's are called Conversations now, click on a users icon, and hit start converation, or click on your icon on top right and click Conversations. When...
1-20 of 452 Results