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  1. Word Association

  2. I'm an ex Evoquer now!

    Main Message Centre
    Nice motor Recordman. Hope you are going to stick around and let us know what you think of the FFRR?
  3. Word Association

  4. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    :grin::grin:Hope you'll ALL manage to stay on topic then or there wont be a hope in hells chance of ever finding an answer to a question!!!:angel:
  5. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Thanks admin....we have had a few issues so this is great to hear.
  6. Speakers crackling then radio, sat-Nav and Phone Cutting out - HELP!

    Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    He should be able to Donna, but whether or not the 'old' fix was done probably remains. I would have thought a main dealer should know whether or not it was completed.
  7. LR Contact - Email

    Introductions & Discussion Topics
    We used to have our very own representative from Land Rover customer services on this forum, but not sure if they monitor this site any longer. https://www.evoqueownersclub.co.uk/forum/48-land-rover-customer-service/6881-introduction.html
  8. Speakers crackling then radio, sat-Nav and Phone Cutting out - HELP!

    Newbies: Start Here. Vital Forum & Ownership Info
    This may be nothing to do with it but it appears you have a 2014 car???? It was something to do with vehicles that have a Lear receiver I believe and could have missed the software update that was performed back then, but I would be surprised...
  9. New modifications

    I too prefer it without the decals to be honest, but its your car and if it pleases you nobody else's opinion counts. The other black items are nice. You say in your signature the colour is bronze. It looks like Zanzibar which was discontinued a while back, which is a shame as it looks great.
  10. Some items for sale

    For Sale & Wanted
    Viper, you do realise this is a very old post?
  11. Wheel spinning....

    Main Message Centre
    There were several people who had similar with several threads about it. Have a look at these. https://www.evoqueownersclub.co.uk/forum/49-introductions-discussion-topics/5652-noises-holding-back.html https://www.evoqueownersclub.co.uk/forum/21-technical/7704-sounds-like-wheel-spinning.html...
  12. Another blast from the past!

    Idle Chit Chat
    Good find CBW. But why on earth would you have a photo of it??? Most people on that list are still here or re-appeared.....interesting.
  13. Q585 Powertrain Control Module Upgrade

    Main Message Centre
    Might be something to do with this. https://www.evoqueownersclub.co.uk/forum/21-technical/9005-q585-campaign.html
  14. build started

    Order Forum
    Come resale time is when the later registration will make a difference. The dealer will probably tell you now that it doesn't make any difference, but from my own experience it certainly does! Not too long to wait now.
  15. Eiger Grey

    Main Message Centre
    Not seen Eiger grey before but looks good. As Angel said about Corris grey, which looked great and I very nearly had one in that colour. The greys are perfect for looking good at all times as they don't show the dirt so much and they look classy.
  16. Haldex Gen 5 oil change with pictures

    Owners Useful Tips & Information
    That's a great write up wiltsandy and worthy of being copied into 'Owners useful tips and information', which I have done. Cheers.
  17. Si4 reliability

    Evoque Si4 Talk
    The petrol versions weren't as popular, possibly because their fuel consumption was quite high in comparison to the diesel version, but if you do short journeys it could be a better bet and you wont get the DPF problems that several diesel owners had. I tested one before I bought my third diesel...
  18. where is everyone?

    Community Help
    Thanks for the tip HmmmUK…..I'm never too proud to receive a suggestion or gain experience from someone that knows more than me.
  19. Depression

    Idle Chit Chat
    And then you made me lose mine! :wink: Doink just remember its good to talk about things, no need to keep it bottled up if you feel you want to talk. I'm sure there are some qualified people on here that can advise and we are ALL here to offer support wherever we can. Onwards and upwards my friend.
  20. Password

    Community Help
    Think it could mean A Pain In The A... :angel:
1-20 of 392 Results